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Software Clients

Local RF Users
CallsignLast TX onDate-Time

Remote Users
CallsignLast TX onSourceDate-Time
VE3OUIVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 21:56:05 EDT
VE3LCVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 21:55:26 EDT
VE3DPTVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 21:43:47 EDT
VE3ACVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 21:05:46 EDT
VE3AJBVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 21:04:46 EDT
VE3KPAVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:56:58 EDT
VE3JFNVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:54:42 EDT
VA3CTEVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:51:13 EDT
VE3XBHVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:48:13 EDT
VE3DXLVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:37:38 EDT
VE3KBUVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:34:50 EDT
VE3YTPVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:31:54 EDT
VA3EMGVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:28:12 EDT
VE3VIGVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:25:22 EDT
VE3ETEVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:20:24 EDT
VA3DCBVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:18:11 EDT
VA3TSSVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:16:04 EDT
VE3POFVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:10:38 EDT
N1QMIVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-14 20:04:38 EDT
VE3FMVE3TTT BDCS405 D2021-06-11 22:08:56 EDT
VE3NEJVE3TTT BDCS405 D2021-06-11 19:15:18 EDT
VE3MJMVE3TTT BDCS405 D2021-06-11 12:19:39 EDT
VE3JLCVE3TTT BDCS405 D2021-06-11 11:11:16 EDT
VA3WMVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-07 21:04:00 EDT
KB8ZGXVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-07 20:45:46 EDT
VA3AMVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-07 20:41:46 EDT
VE3AJFVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-07 20:39:35 EDT
VE3KPPVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-07 20:23:35 EDT
VA3LUIVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-07 20:17:48 EDT
VE3NYVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-07 20:14:18 EDT
VE5DABVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 23:35:32 EDT
KC8YQLVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:43:50 EDT
VE7LEVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:43:40 EDT
VE3LBUVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:29:27 EDT
VE5HGVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:18:45 EDT
VE2BABVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:17:31 EDT
W8CANVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:11:21 EDT
DD5UDSVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:10:30 EDT
VE1JCSVE3TTT BXRF103 B2021-06-04 22:08:29 EDT

Status as of Monday, 2021-06-14 22:54:03 EDT
Server Uptime: 23 days, 1 hour and31 minutes

To link to XRF/DCS reflectors, 8th character in URCALL field should be:

O = ON (link to DCS/XRF reflector, eg. UR="DCS014BO")
T = Terminate (unlink from DCS/XRF reflector, eg. UR="sssssssT") Also DTMF 73
W = What (query current link status, eg. UR="sssssssW") Also DTMF 99

For DPlus reflectors, continue using L/U/I commands
(eg. UR="REF003CL" to link to reflector REF003C,
       UR="sssssssU" to unlink from DPlus)

Make sure the module is first unlinked on both the DPlus and g2_link sides before trying to set up a new link.